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Andrew Dubber is the Director of Music Tech Fest and is on the management team for the music AI Sonaris and design innovation company Stromatolite. He is an advisor to Bandcamp and is the founder of New Music Strategies, a pan-European digital music strategy think tank and consultancy group.

Dubber is also the author of several books about music and radio in the digital age and he is currently writing The Right Next Song – about the culture, art and science of mixtapes and playlists.

He is a media ecologist whose interests include music as a tool for social change, music and media innovation, digital media cultures, online music enterprise, radio in the digital age, and music as culture. He lectures and researches about radio broadcasting, the music industries, digital innovation, music hacking and the online environment.

Dubber’s background is as both an academic and a practitioner. He was Professor of Music Industry Innovation at Birmingham City University until 2015 and has over 25 years experience as radio producer and presenter, radio and music industry consultant, record label owner and music producer.

He lives in and works from an old farmhouse in a forest, by a lake in a small seaside village in the far north of Sweden – where the air is clean and the internet is incredibly fast and abundant.

He also makes exceptional sourdough bread.